Carpet Underlay


  • Extends the life of the carpet
  • Doesn’t absorb water
  • Provides comfort to the feet
  • Provides a silent step to reduce noise transfer in multi-layered buildings
  • Stops heat-cold transfer from the floor to the carpet
  • Works with all kinds of glue
  • Non-poisonous and chemical resistant
  • Doesn’t need wooden grippers at the room’s floor angles
  • Doesn’t need glue tape under the carpet
  • Price is very competitive


PROPERTIES Test Method Test Result
Cellular structure  Very fine and closed
Thickness ASTM D – 729 10mm – 15mm
Density ASTM D – 729 0.04g/cm3
Cell size ASTM D – 3576 0.82mm
Permanent 9% for 100 kgF/cm2
Chemical resistant ASTM D – 453-56T Excellent
Water absorption ASTM D – 570 0.37mg/cm2.24hr
Moisture Permeability ASTM D – 750 Almost
Poisonous gases in case of perfect combustion None
Weight 21-23 kg/roll
Wear guarantee Life time of the carpet